Our 3 - 12 month old infant classroom is a safe nurturing environment for our youngest students.   We provide a cozy, comfortable  space where babies are loved and pampered.

Circle Time 


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Our toddler classroom is where our 12-24 month old children begin to independently explore their classroom.  We make sure you are always in the know.  We love to tell you about and show you, your child's experiences through daily logs and weekly reports. 

The twos (twaddlers) program is designed to guide each child through his or her transition from the sensory-motor world of toddlers to an increasingly social world and the onset of symbolic thinking.  The environment allows for child-choice and self-directed play, small groups, circle-time with the whole group, supportive teaching and documentation of learning experiences.

As children progress to the Preschool program they begin to investigate the workings of a widening world and experiment with their emerging use of language ability and mathematical reasoning.  Children develop independently and in small group.  Learning centers offer guided development and future academic success.

We are an approved provider for Florida's FREE VPK program and offer enrollments for children who are eligible to participate.  Please call us for availability.